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Business Introducer

There are two ways to partner with AXI Dental. Firstly, you can become a Business Introducer where you simply point clinicians, practices or dental groups in our direction and we take care of their needs and pay you a generous proportion of the revenue we earn from any business they do with us. We take care of all administrative and compliance functions at no cost to you.

Business Partner

Alternatively, you can become a fully-fledged Business Partner where you play a very active role in the development of the business to your existing clients or new industry clients through your own white label service from AXI Dental.

As a Business Partner you will get maximum marketing support to help you grow your business; We pay you a share of the revenue from any business we do with your clients for the lifetime of the relationship.

The key thing here is your clients remain ‘your’ clients but as and when we introduce new products and services to them we continue paying you a share of the revenue we earn from any business we do with them.
To become a Business Introducer or Partner call +44 (0)1207 460260 or email partners@axi-dental.co.uk