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Policy details

What You Are Covered For

If your patient, who was declared for insurance cover following a Cosmetic Dental Procedure, is diagnosed during the period of cover with one or more of the Diagnosed Conditions listed below and needs remedial treatment then we will cover the retreatment costs up to the policy limit selected for that individual patient.

Diagnosed Conditions




IMPLANT (Superstructure)

All Components of Implant restoration above implant level are covered. Therefore cover includes the following superstructures plus Implant Abutments:

What You Are Not Covered For

We will not cover You for any of the following:

  1. Customer dissatisfaction with the results of the treatment.
  2. Treatment for a complication identified in the first 30 days, unless as a result of an Accident caused by a third party.
  3. Treatment that arises as a result of a Pre-existing Condition.
  4. Loss of sensitivity; or altered sensation; or numbness.
  5. Complications as a result of the use of implants or prostheses not carrying a CE kite mark, or by the insertion of faulty prostheses or implants.
  6. Additional treatment purely to improve the cosmetic result.
  7. Patients with HIV or Hepatitis A,B or C or patients not suitable for surgery in accordance with recommended and recognised guidelines.
  8. Incidental expenses and prescription drugs.
  9. Sports injuries or complications due to alcohol or drug abuse or those solely attributable to smoking.
  10. Complications due to attempted suicide or self-injury.
  11. War injuries and use or misuse of hazardous substances.

For full policy details and exclusions please see here.

Questions Your Patients May Ask

Who pays the Guarantee Commitment insurance premiums?

The cost of remedial insurance is included within the clinician’s fee.

Who is the insured?

The clinician is the insured person and only they can make a claim under the policy.

How long am I covered for?

You are covered for 36 months from the date of your treatment for any accidental damage caused by a third party. You are also covered for 36 months for Remedial Treatment for any complication which is not caused by a third party, with the exception that any complication identified within the first 30 days following a Dental Procedure is not covered by the insurance policy, but under normal circumstances your Clinician will be willing to carry out such remedial treatment as part of their aftercare service.

What should I do if I think I need Remedial Treatment?

You should consult your Clinician and he will advise you about what to do. If you need Remedial Treatment he will arrange it.

Will all my Remedial Treatment Costs be covered?

Our insurance cover has been carefully researched and designed so that the full costs of Remedial Treatment will be covered.